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For Love or Treasure.jpg
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Spanish gold, mortal danger, and an attraction hotter than the Texas summer sun…

When marine archeologist Arleigh Prescott teams up with former treasure hunter Cade Callahan to locate the final undersea resting place of one of the richest Spanish galleons ever sunk off Texas waters, they don't expect their search to lead to betrayal and murder.  


Cade wants the treasure—and Arleigh. But Arleigh wants to see history preserved—and Cade. If that basic conflict—and the fiery passion that ignites between them—weren’t enough to complicate the search, modern-day pirates and an ancient curse also stand in their way. Can they resolve their differences, defeat the pirates, find the treasure—and escape the curse?

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Click on the cover to read an excerpt!
Click on the cover to read an excerpt!
Click on each cover to read an excerpt!
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Texas True
Truly, Madly Texas final.jpg
Hot Texas Trouble final copy.jpg
Texas Made final.jpg
Texas Christmas Baby Bargain final copy.jpg
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