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Spanish gold, mortal danger, and an attraction hotter than the Texas summer sun…
1992 Texas Coast

Marine archeologist Arleigh Prescott has new research to pinpoint the final undersea resting place of one of the richest Spanish galleons ever sunk off Texas waters.  But she’ll need the help of treasure hunter Cade Callahan to actually locate it.

While Cade is drawn by the allure of Spanish gold, Arleigh wants to see history preserved.  If that basic conflict—and the fiery passion that ignites between them—weren’t enough to complicate the search, modern-day pirates and an ancient curse also stand in their way.  Can they overcome their differences, defeat the pirates, find the treasure—and escape the curse?

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Texas True

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“Indiana Jones meets Romancing the Stone. That’s the first thing that popped in my head when I started reading Eve Gaddy’s Fallen Idols. It’s got everything a good romance should contain—a treasure hunt, a sexy boat captain, a strong, determined heroine, modern-day pirates, villains everywhere, and the priceless remains of a sunken ship just off the coast near Port Aransas that could bring either riches or death. This story has a unique cast of characters who are both lovable and diabolical. As I said—everything. And did I mention the sexy boat captain? There is enough steam here to make the ocean rise! If you want a good escape, hop on board and dive in!”

—Lenora Worth, New York Times &

USA Today Bestselling Author

Author of The X-Mas Club


“A rip-roaring adventure that had me from the beginning! Fallen Idols has all the ingredients for a terrific tale. Take a dedicated academic, throw her in with a salty, sardonic—and very sexy—former treasure hunter she lures back to the trade, add a fascinating mix of friends and foes, honesty and treachery, hot sex, heartbreak and love, then set it on the beautiful gulf coast of Texas, throw in an old shipwreck with untold riches and historical significance, and you've got the makings of a wonderful story. And Eve Gaddy delivers—start to finish, I didn't want to put it down. What a great read!”

—Justine Davis

USA Today Bestselling Author

5-time RITA Award winning Author

Author of Dark Roads


“Classic Eve Gaddy full of action, adventure and sexy romance.  Don’t miss this one!” 

—Katherine Garbera

USA Today Bestselling Author

Author of The Pirate

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