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Fancy a Texas blacksmith who’s not afraid to fan the flames? What about some scorching chemistry
between an amnesiac heroine and the hot firefighter who claims they were once inseparable? We have another firefighter story for you, this one featuring a grumpy wounded hero who can no longer hide his desire for the fabulous female firefighter on his team. What about when enemies-to-lovers stumble into forever kind of love? Or when a straightforward marriage-of-convenience gets complicated, fast? Reunion romances. First loves. The endless kind of love… Bring on the heat this summer with these six sizzling romances. We hope you like it hot!


Texas Forged by Eve Gaddy
When world famous metal artist Gabe Walker finally shoots his shot with the woman he’s loved for
years, the last thing he expects is for Chantal Chandler to fall pregnant. But he’s not complaining.
Now all he has to do is convince Chantal he’s hers for good, for real, and forever!

Hot Mess by Amy Andrews
Arabella Tucker doesn’t remember much about her old life, but surely firefighter Logan Knight would
have been impossible to forget. Especially if she’d been in a relationship with him. Why would she
have ever turned away from chemistry so scorching hot?

Nursing The Flame by Shelli Stevens
Firefighter Lieutenant Reggie Andrews knows the rules—workplace romance is out! Until he finds
himself laid up and grumpy and relying on fellow firefighter Amber Chapman to bring a little
sunshine…and a whole lot of passion…into his life.

Her Texas Ex by Katherine Garbera
Amelia Corbyn doesn’t do reunion romance. As a confused and heartbroken teenager, she left her
family, her small town, and her first-love Cal Delaney far behind and she has no regrets. Right?

Strictly Off Limits by Stella Holt
Detective Conner Maguire isn’t nearly as bad as his ex-best friend’s little sister thinks he is, but if
Hannah Paletti wants to play enemies-to-lovers, he’s willing. Even if the game lasts forever.

Catch Me by Michelle Arris
Businessman Dominic Balaska and pastry chef Tabitha Seils enter a marriage of convenience for all
the wrong reasons. He wants his trust fund. She wants a baby. They don’t even like each other. How
can these two enemies-to-lovers possibly find happiness in each other’s arms?

New Series

Montana Made

Book One 
August 20, 2024


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Book cover of The Wrong Brother


She went to Marietta to meet one brother…but fell for another

With everyone in her Texas hometown suspecting her of involvement in her parents’ illegal activities, Cici Bradley hopes linking up with the cowboy she met on a dating app will give her a fresh start in rural Marietta, Montana. Liam McFarland is handsome and charming, but there's zero chemistry. The sparks with his brother, however, threaten to ignite.

Dr. Logan McFarland is suspicious of his brother’s online match. Why did such a captivating and beautiful woman leave Texas to meet a man? He’s determined to solve her mystery, but instead finds himself caught in her spell. But Cici is his brother's girl and that makes her completely off-limits. Then Logan learns that Cici and Liam have decided to remain just friends. Do he and Cici have a chance?

Just as Cici and Logan explore their feelings, Cici’s past catches up with her and threatens the future she’s only begun to imagine.

Book Two 
November 7, 2024

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A Marriage of Convenience…or is it?

Rancher Liam McFarland has always been attracted to Val Fletcher, his best friend’s little sister, but thought she was too young for him. But when Val confides that she’s pregnant and the father has rejected her and the baby, Liam proposes and offers to raise the baby as his.

Having loved Liam all her life but knowing he doesn’t feel the same, Val resists Liam’s marriage offer though she knows her father will never accept having an unmarried, pregnant daughter living on and working the family’s ranch. But when Liam shares how the marriage will help him solve a problem, Val agrees, hoping for a Christmas miracle—that Liam will fall in love with her. 

Their marriage is everything Val dreamed of –almost--until the baby’s biological father intervenes determined to destroy their new-found happiness. Val knows she must leave to protect Liam. Can Liam convince Val that he’s fallen in love with her and that the best Christmas present of all would be to face the future together?

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