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Casey's Gamble by Eve Gaddy

When Nick Devlin agrees to stay on and manage the opening of the new riverboat casino he’s built near Baton Rouge, LA, he doesn’t envision more than a temporary stop. In the business world—and in love--this high-stakes entrepreneur has always arrived, conquered, and moved on.


Casey Fontaine is nothing like the ladies Nick has loved and left.  Beautiful, passionate and sweeter than the sugar cane she farms, Casey pours her energy and dedication into Bellefontaine, the Fontaine family plantation.  But someone doesn’t want Casey—or Bellefontaine—to succeed.


The attraction between them is hotter than a sultry bayou night.  But will Nick stay around long enough to help Casey discover who is behind the attacks on Bellefontaine?  And can this rooted-to-the-land beauty dare gamble her heart on a man who’s never called just one place home? 

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