Texas True

Book 5


Hot Texas Trouble final copy.jpg

She’s had enough excitement to last a lifetime…


When her undercover op for a secret government agency goes bad, blowing her cover, killing her partner and nearly killing her, burned-out agent Jedidiah Walker returns home to Whiskey River. Having had enough of danger and excitement, she’s looking forward to a life that doesn’t include either.

A job with Trevor Holt, free-lance app designer, lets her use her computer skills without the threat of being killed. Sparks sizzle between her and her new boss, and what could be safer than a nerdy designer? Then Jedidiah sees him working on his motorcycle shirtless, flashing tats and looking hot and dangerous. Maybe Trevor is more than he seems. 

Conscious of the attraction between them, Trevor hesitates to act. Jedidiah is his employee, after all. But he can’t resist his alluring assistant.

Jedidiah falls hard for her sexy boss. But then she learns something that tells her her instinct was right: Trevor is just what she's trying to avoid. Dangerous.

Can Trevor convince her that he’s the man for her? And that what they have together is worth any risk?

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