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Montana Made

Book 2

November 2024



A Marriage of Convenience...or is it?

Rancher Liam McFarland has always been attracted to Val Fletcher, his best friend’s little sister, but thought she was too young for him. But when Val confides that she’s pregnant and the father has rejected her and the baby, Liam proposes and offers to raise the baby as his.

Having loved Liam all her life but knowing he doesn’t feel the same, Val resists Liam’s marriage offer though she knows her father will never accept having an unmarried, pregnant daughter living on and working the family’s ranch. But when Liam shares how the marriage will help him solve a problem, Val agrees, hoping for a Christmas miracle—that Liam will fall in love with her. 

Their marriage is everything Val dreamed of –almost--until the baby’s biological father intervenes determined to destroy their newfound happiness. Val knows she must leave to protect Liam. Can Liam convince Val that he’s fallen in love with her and that the best Christmas present of all would be to face the future together?

the christmas cowboy
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