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Lone Star Nights

Cowboy Come Home



Eve Gaddy delights her fans with a classic "secret baby” story . . .


A bittersweet reunion. A second chance at happiness.


The daughter who may never forgive them both.


Sixteen years ago, rodeo hungry Jake Rollins left Happy, Texas and love behind. What he didn’t know was that he’d left his unborn daughter behind as well. After a chance meeting with young Leigh, he can’t shake his suspicions and arrives in Happy, determined to find the truth and correct the worst mistake of his life.


Widow Anna Connor has no more reason to trust champion bronc rider Jake Rollins when he blows back into town than when he’d broken her heart sixteen years ago, leaving her devastated and pregnant. She’d picked up the pieces of her life and found a good man, a man she eventually loved, to help her raise her baby. She doesn’t owe Jake anything. She shouldn’t care at all . . . except the sexiest cowboy she’s ever known is unfinished business for her heart and the father of her child. Like it or not, the time has come to introduce Jake Rollins to the daughter he’s never known.


Can they navigate the rocky road of redemption and find a way into each other’s hearts? Can they forge a real family, or will they have to put their daughter’s feelings first if she rejects the father she never knew?

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