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Devil's Rock at Whiskey River

Book 3

Winner of the Book Buyers Best Award for short contemporary romance


book cover of No Ordinary Texas Billionaire



Billionaire inventor Levi Chapman prefers his old friends and his small Texas hometown to nightlife on the celebrity circuit.  Only one woman ever touched his heart—architect Dana DeLong.  But despite the passion between them, Dana’s drive to succeed at her job in the city, a place that drains his soul, broke them apart.  After Dana returns to Whiskey River for a project, they manage to avoid each other.  But when Levi's Green Beret brother is injured in combat, Levi’s need to care for him compels him to turn to Dana. 




A job remodeling Devil’s Rock airport lures Dana DeLong back to Whiskey River, home of the lover she never got over. Though they mutually decided to remain apart, when Levi asks her to tap her specialty, designing accessible housing, to help his disabled veteran brother, she can’t refuse. Passion still burns bright between them and soon they succumb to their desires.


Life has changed them both, but is the love they share now enough to overcome the differences that drove them apart? 




Eight months, three days, and forty-seven minutes. Give or take a few minutes. That’s how long it had been since Levi Chapman had sex with Dana DeLong. Actually, that was how long it had been since Levi had sex with anyone.

Levi couldn’t think of anything he wanted to do less than ask a favor of Dana DeLong. Dana, the architect for the Devil’s Rock Airport remodel and expansion, also happened to be Levi’s very much ex-girlfriend.


Ex-girlfriend. And that was the way Levi wanted it. He hadn’t spent the last eight months avoiding having anything to do with Dana just to blow it now.

Damn, it would be so much easier if he didn’t want to rip off her clothes—and his—every time he saw her.

Naturally, since Dana had designed the building, she was renting one of the apartments at the Wildcat Tower, the fancy-ass high-rise, high-security complex in the heart of Whiskey River, on the Square.

For God’s sake, just call her to let you in. What are you afraid of?

His own feelings, for one thing. But it had to be done.

Asher was coming home.

His brother, a Special Forces Green Beret critically injured in Iraq, had been recovering at Walter Reed for the past few months before transferring to the big military hospital in San Antonio a couple of weeks before. It hadn’t been easy, but Levi had finally managed to convince him to continue his convalescence in Whiskey River once he was discharged from the hospital.

Which meant Levi had to make his house—or at least part of it—accessible. At the very least, the entryways, Asher’s quarters, parts of the kitchen and Levi’s “man cave” as his friends called his game/TV/music/pool room. Levi called it his den and it was the place where he spent the most time, apart from his workshop.

Shaking off his troubled thoughts, he punched the intercom.


“It’s Levi. Can I come up?”

There was a lengthy silence. “Levi?”

“Yes. Can I come up?” he repeated. This wasn’t a conversation to be had over an intercom or telephone. No, it required face-to-face.

Another silence. Then she said, “I’m buzzing you in.”

Levi took the elevator up to her floor. Not the penthouse. That belonged to Harlan Sullivan and his wife Savannah. But Dana’s apartment was on the floor directly below the penthouse suite.

He’d been to Dana’s apartment once before. Eight months ago when Dana first came to Whiskey River to work on the airport. Neither of them had intended to wind up in bed together; nevertheless that’s what had happened. They’d tried to be a couple before. Six years ago they’d even lived together. It hadn’t worked. Remembering their breakup, he winced. They’d argued, the same argument they always had. He wanted to go home, to Whiskey River. She didn’t. Again, as usual, Dana had stormed off, then, eventually, came back. They’d wound up in bed, but they hadn’t made up. Levi had left the following morning and Dana hadn’t tried to stop him. Maybe she hadn’t thought he’d follow through.

He’d seen her twice since then. Been alone with her twice. Been to bed with her twice. So they’d decided if they couldn’t keep their hands off each other, their only option was not to be around each other at all. They’d managed, though it hadn’t been easy. Especially since Levi was a partner in Devil’s Rock Airfield—Devil’s Rock Airport now—with his friends Travis Sullivan and Zack Bannister. The very airport Dana had come to town to redesign and expand.

She opened the door and he felt a sucker punch to his gut. Which happened every time he saw her. Why did she have to be so damn beautiful? She wore a black tank top and black yoga pants, an outfit that showed off every one of her curves. Her feet were bare and her gorgeous dark red hair was yanked back into a ponytail allowing those perfect cheekbones and jade-green eyes full play. It didn’t matter what she wore—or didn’t wear. He wanted her. Always had, and apparently, always would.

Even when she looked at him like he was gum on the bottom of her shoe.

“What do you want, Levi?”

“Hello to you too. Can I come in?”

Without speaking, she stepped aside and held the door open.

“I need your help,” Levi said without preamble.

Winner of the 2019 Booksellers Best Award For Short Contemporary Romance
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