Texas Made final.jpg

Pure country meets pure city…


Rancher Marshall Walker isn’t looking for a woman. Not permanently, anyway. He has plenty to do raising horses—beautiful Walker paints are fast becoming a name in Texas. But when his sister’s gorgeous friend—who Marshall hasn’t seen since she was in college--comes to stay for a while, he’s almost smitten. Jaclyn Carson is pure city girl, though, and Marshall can’t imagine much worse than living in the city.


Jaclyn isn’t looking for a man, either. Owner and CEO of her own makeup company, she’s a bit of a workaholic; she hasn’t gotten to be one of the rising stars of the business without working her butt off. Still, when her old friend, Damaris Walker, offers to let her stay at her family ranch while Jaclyn’s condo is being redone, she takes her up on the offer.


Jaclyn doesn’t expect to like ranch living as much as she does. And while seeing her not-so-secret crush again tempts her to have an affair, she’s not at all interested in falling in love. Especially not with a cowboy who is pure country.


What happens when two opposites fall in love? Can they meet in the middle or will they go their separate ways, even if it means breaking their hearts?