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Book 3

Uncertain Future


Will McClain swears to bring his foster mother’s killer to justice . . .
even if that person is his brother, Jed.


When Texas Ranger Will McClain discovers that his foster mother's remains have been found in the East Texas town he left years before, he returns to solve the mystery of who murdered Frannie Granger and why.


While investigating the murder he falls for the lovely Tessa Lang, the archeologist who discovered Frannie's bones. He also reconnects with his foster siblings, Jed Louis and Emerald Monday. But Will is a Ranger and must do everything in his power to find the murderer, even when his foster brother is the main suspect.


Will has returned to the only home he's ever known, but convincing Tessa that she can make it her home as well is a tall order. For Tessa believes her career lies elsewhere, and that the love she's discovered for teaching as well as her love for Will are both temporary.

Free online read! The prequel to the Return to Caddo Lake Trilogy


PARADISE FOUND by Eve Gaddy, Roz Denny Fox and K.N. Casper

Return to Caddo Lake


Uncertain Fate, K.N. Casper

Uncertain Past, Roz Denny Fox

Uncertain Future, Eve Gaddy

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