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on thin ice

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Uncertain Future

Hi! Are you like me? Do you love books? Do you enjoy getting lost in the stories and becoming a part of another world, another place, for a time? A world where you know there's a happy ending? If so, you've come to the right place!

Welcome to my online home. Pull up a chair, settle in and look around. Explore my website and enjoy! Take a peek at the books on the booklist page. Have fun!!

Exciting news!  Belle Bridge Books will be publishing a new book of mine.  CRY LOVE will be out in August of 2014.  More on that later.:)

Breaking news!smiley I have a blog now!  Just click on All About Eve and that will take you to it.

More news!  Like music?  Check out Eve's song of the day and video of the week on Facebook or Twitter.

Eve Gaddy