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The Redfish Chronicles

Recently, I’ve been working on publishing a series independently. It’s been fun, but it’s a lot of work, too. Publishing indie makes me really appreciate my other publishers. I never realized just how much work they do.

The Redfish Chronicles are dear to my heart. These are books first published by Harlequin and are now revised and updated. The series is set in a small town on the Texas coast, the fictional town of Redfish, Texas, which is near the real town of Port Aransas. I love the Texas coast. It’s a unique place and one I love to return to from time to time.

There are seven books in the series. They’ll be available separately and also in two box sets. You can check them out and read excerpts at my website.

Trouble in Texas, the first book in the series is free. Check it out!

Trouble comes in all guises—something undercover Fish and Wildlife Service agent Mark Kincaid knows better than most. Recovering from a gunshot wound in the tiny coastal town of Redfish, Texas the last thing he expects to find is trouble…especially of the female variety.

Wild bird rehabilitator Cat Randolph loves everything about birds, especially saving them. So when evidence of a huge bird smuggling ring is uncovered practically in her backyard, Cat is definitely ready and willing to work with her hunky neighbor to catch the bad guys and bring them to justice.

There’s just one tiny problem—the prime suspect is Cat’s brother.

Mark knows he has to choose between busting the smugglers he’s been chasing for years and having Cat.

And what should have been a simple choice is the hardest one he’s ever had to make.

There is far more to do than I ever imagined prior to publishing this series myself. Covers, editing, promotion, uploading to various platforms, all take time. I do admit that the control freak in me likes being in charge.:) On the other hand, if I screw up, it’s on me. I’ve had a lot of help from organizations and friends who have been indie publishing for quite a while now. Not to mention my partner in crime--I mean, publishing. Justine Davis, multi RITA Award winning author and the other half of SxNW Publishing.

Let me know what you think!



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